A Journey of a Lifetime: Sacred Site Tours in Ireland

Sacred Site Tours

Grange Stone Circle

(Located on the R512 in County Limerick about 45 minutes drive south of Limerick City)

Hill of Tara

(Located in County Meath off the N3 approximately 15-minute drive south of Navan)

The Boyne Valley


(This is located in County Meath off the N2)

Kildare and St. Brigid’s Cathedral

(Located in County Kildare off of the R401)


Sliabh na Cailli

(Located off the R195, not too far from Old Castle in County Meath)

Ross Castle

(Located on the border of County Meath and County Cavan)

Inis Mór

(Inis Mór is the largest of the 3 Aran Islands)

Fore Abbey

(Located on the R195 in the tiny village of Fore in County Westmeath)

Journey of a Lifetime: Celtic Spirituality in Ireland

These tours in Ireland are unlike any other. The focus is on exploring pre-Christian sites that date back to the Iron Age, such as burial cairns and standing stone circles. We’ll also visit early medieval forts like Dun Aengus or Tara—sites that were spiritually important during pagan times but have retained their significance even today due to Christianity’s influence over them through conversion rituals conducted here centuries later by Saint Patrick among other things.

If you’re intrigued by Celtic spirituality and want a more in-depth experience than just taking pictures from your favorite tourist spots, then Ireland is the place for you. You can hike across miles of green hillsides or even take a boat tour around the coasts of this Emerald Isle country. These journeys are an opportunity for travelers who want to explore their spirituality as well as interact with locals and enjoy a slower pace of life. You can even take a pilgrimage to ancient sites around the island.

Ireland is a beautiful country with much to offer in the way of natural beauty and historic sites. Sacred Site Tours offers spiritual journeys that can help you take in some of this history and explore the sacred sites across Ireland. Sacred site tours are not recommended for people with mobility issues, but if you’re looking to take in some Irish culture while enjoying your surroundings, this tour may be perfect for you!

The trip to the top of these hills will be an experience you won’t soon forget! You will need warm clothing, as it can get very cold up there. And don’t worry – even if your climb is steep and fulling mountainous in nature (not all sites are located near flat land), our guides have everything well-planned out for us beforehand so that nothing comes between any partiers’ fun time on tour together.

If Ireland is on your travel bucket list, you’re in luck. Ireland’s culture and history can be experienced through a number of sacred sites that are scattered throughout the country. On this tour, we will explore Ireland’s rich history and take you to some of its most iconic landmarks. We’ll start in Dublin with an ancient Stone Circle and Hill of Tara before heading to Newgrange, which was built around 3200 BC and may have been aligned with the sunrise at winter solstice!

We hope you enjoy your visit and if there’s anything on the site that might be of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to email me at info@sacredsitetour.com! I’d love nothing more than to be able to help answer any questions or provide additional information for those interested in traveling with us next time around!

Northern Ireland is a country with many sacred sites and attractions. The countryside is beautiful, the cities are full of life, and history abounds in every corner. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Northern Ireland has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists from all around the globe. Whether you want to explore ancient castles or hike through rugged trails high up in the hillsides, there is something for everyone here!

The Irish language is a beautiful and unique part of Ireland’s history, culture, and identity. Unfortunately, the British made it illegal for Irish people to speak their own language in order to oppress them during the English occupation. This caused many people to abandon the Irish language altogether and only use English as their main form of communication. However, thanks to an increase in popularity over recent years there has been a huge resurgence in interest in learning Gaelic again. Today you will find that Ireland is considered a bilingual country with both English and Gaelic being used on a daily basis by 11% of its population each!


A trip to Ireland is not complete without experiencing the grandeur that surrounds you. Magical things happen all around this country, and your experience here will be an adventure like no other!

You don’t need to be a wizard or even in possession of magic powers. All you have to do is visit Ireland and this trip will become one that’s impossible to forget!