Have you ever wanted to travel to Ireland, the land of mystical tales, ancient Gods and Goddesses and legendary heroes? Now you can have the opportunity to come to the land of Eire, walk upon the 40 shades of green and marvel at the wondrous scenery.

396735 162220020548347 470078516 nIreland is a very special place. It’s rich in folklore and mythological history that includes tales of great battles, warriors, ancient Gods and Goddesses and Irish revolutionary heroes. Its heart is alive with thousands of years of history just yearning to tell its stories. 

Stories that have been told over and over again by the great poets and Bards of our past. Once you’ve visited Ireland and marveled at the magnificent scenery and natural beauty, you’ll find yourself wanting to return, for the voices of the past will keep calling you back.

Ireland is truly a mystical land that captivates the visitor and before you know it, you too have become engrossed in the spirit if Ireland. No matter what your ancestral background maybe, once you step foot on Irish soil, everyone is Irish.

-- Liz Guerra


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